Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

What an exciting month for kids!  I always look so forward to Christmas & I'm kind of sad when it is all over.  I am very excited to see what a new year brings & looking very forward to 2013!!!  December has been such a busy month with both kid's school parties, Sunday School party, Avery Claire's School Program, etc.  Daniel & I tried super hard this month to keep the focus on JESUS!!!   We had them very involved with a program that Cypress Baptist Church did for needy families in our area. Most kids now days are spoiled rotten (including ours) & don't really get that everyone doesn't live like they do.  I just hope we are doing enough with them to teach them to serve others & to LOVE the Lord.   I am very thankful for my babies & our family.  The CT shooting about did me in this month....  I get way too involved in things like this.  Just still completely breaks my heart for those families who don't have their first graders any more.  I have been lifting them up constantly in prayer & will continue.  We ALL take so much for granted!  I am going to do my very best not to do this with my family in 2013.  
Our Christmas Babies!!!
LOVE these excited faces going to see if Santa came!!!

Making Jesus'  Birthday Cake!!!

Loving her Santa stuff!

One happy little boy!!!

I didn't even have to ask him to hug her this time!!! Lol.

Heading to Christmas Eve Service!

I could only get a picture with Avery Claire because Hudson decided he was HOT & got in a rotten mood.  Ha!

Excited about going to church the Sunday before Christmas for Jesus's Party!  She had to hold the invite.

While we went to Church, Daddy & Hudson went to Dallas for an early present for Hudson.  This was for his good behavior & straight As the second nine weeks of 1st grade.  He was SO excited!!!!

Sassy girl after dance watch day

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fun!

Catching up on some posts tonight watching the LSU game with my hubby.  Fall is most definitely my favorite time of year for our family!!!  Here are a few pictures of our kiddos over the past month.

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Posing for the camera

Painting Pumpkins

My Red Power Ranger

Avery & two of her BFFs!

Jake, Hudson & Case

Ready for Trick or Treat!!!
Halloween Dance Watch Day

School Pictures!!!

I wanted to share our babies school pictures from this fall!  These are not good quality pictures because I was too lazy to walk upstairs & scan them, so I just took a picture of them with my camera.  Lol.  We also just took fall pictures with Elaine Pierce.  I am SO proud of them!  They turned out really great.  The one advantage to our kids growing up is much EASIER photoshoots!!!  

My Legacy Bear 1st Grader

Providence Classical Academy- Bridge Program

Friday, October 26, 2012

Proud Mama!!!

This school year is going by SO fast!!!  We already have the first 9 weeks behind us.  This is our first year of real grades & Hudson got straight A's.  He also got a ribbon for Perfect Attendance!  I never in my wildest dreams would think that Hudson would care so much about school.  Granted- he doesn't LOVE doing homework, but he really wants to make good grades.  His behavior has also been really good!  I also have to send up praises for how good little Miss Avery Claire has been over the last few weeks.  Her behavior has improved dramatically- Praise the Lord!!!  I'm just feeling very blessed for our family & counting my blessings tonight.

My big 1st grader!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

CrAzY Fall

We are already crazy busy with school, church, dance, cub scouts & our soccer season for both kids starts this week, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  Hudson is doing GREAT in first grade.  He has all As so far!  The homework is ALOT & when people say first grade is when school gets hard... they aren't lying!  He has a good bit of homework every night, but most of what he is learning is all new.  They jumped right in!  So proud of how well he is doing at Legacy.  Avery Claire, on the other hand, is a MESS!  I have a new "Avery story" every day.  Yes- they would be hilarious if she wasn't my child.  She has been in trouble a ton at Providence.  You name it... she has done it.  Here are just a few things that come to mind.... She has washed her hair with soap in the sink at school & had to go to the office, she pushed a "big" boy down at school & when I asked why she said "he was in my way", she told me that her brain told her to hit Ella at school so she did.  The thing that has her in the most trouble at school is FITS.  She is such a perfectionist!  If her picture is not colored perfectly before they go to the next activity she throws a major fit.  Every teacher the child has ever had has told me how everything has to be perfect or she can't stand it...  We definitely see it at home all the time.  I PRAY we will get through this stage soon.  The Principle at Providence is precious.  Avery Claire has already been to visit him 3 times this year (keep in mind that we have only been in school 3 weeks).  She loves him, Mr. Davis.  Avery always tells me that he prays with her & gives her a high five when she has to go to the office.  I want him to SCARE her to death so she will STOP wanting to go see him.  One time the teacher even gave her a choice to lay on her nap mat or go see the principle.  She picked to go to the office....  I am very happy with Providence in regards to the Christian environment.  They pray with her every time she gets in trouble, so she is getting lots of time to talk to the Lord!  Lol.  She starts soccer this week, which I have a feeling will be a complete nightmare.  We will see!  I am looking forward to both kid's soccer teams, because we have great friends on both teams!   The crazy thing is that at home, Avery is our easy one.  She plays so well by herself & normally is really sweet to us.  She is SO SUPER loving!  Hudson is the one who is great at school, but is way more needy at home...  Oh well, we are blessed to have both of them. The Lord teaches Daniel & I something new everyday with them.   I also posted some pictures of all the kiddos last weekend at my mom's house in Arkansas.  The kids are non-stop when we are there, because there are always a million kids there.
My Sweet Tiger Cub on his way to Chickfila to sell Popcorn

Macy & Avery Claire after DANCE!!!

Vicki's Dance Watch Day- "POSE"

Hudson & Will at Nanny's house

Hudson holding our new precious Baby Jax

Our LSU Tigers!
All of the little ones, but baby Jaxon is covered up by his Big Sister, Ava

Friday, August 17, 2012

Growing up...

Here is another back to school post.  Avery Claire started Providence this week & is really loving it!  She loves her music class & the fact that they sing alot.  This is a classical academy & they seem to do a ton of learning with songs.  This is right up her ally!  Hudson would rather die than sing.  Our kids are night & day with their personalities!  She also loves the fact that the nap time at this school is only 45 minutes to a hour.  She does not nap & she had to lay there for two hours at First Bossier.  She has 2 kids in her class that were at First Bossier with her & three kids across the hall in the other Bridge class that she knows well.  I am so thankful for this!  She is not totally thrilled yet with the uniforms, but she will get used to it.  I also posted some pictures of Hudson last Sunday at church.  Our church does a Bible Presentation for the 1st graders each year.  He also gets to move up to Children's Church on Wednesday nights & Sunday mornings.   He went last Wednesday & LOVED it.  So thankful for such a wonderful church to raise our babies in!!!

Baby girl on her 1st day!

Avery & her buddy Owen!  He has been with her at 1st Bossier since they were babies.  So glad they are in the same class at Providence!!!

Singing songs at Chapel

At Cypress ready to get his new bible!

Well... I wasn't at the best place to be taking his picture with Brother John

On stage chatting it up with a girl...  I was about to beat him!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School

It's already that time!  I can't say I am thrilled to start the school year & have two kids at different schools, but I am ready to get back on a good routine again.  We are all looking forward to fall soccer with both kids and Avery Claire's dance started last week!  God has blessed us with 2 wonderful teachers at Legacy so far. Hudson has Mrs. Machen for first grade, who is precious!  Hudson thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world.  Lol.  He also has 3 really good friends in his class from last year.  He keeps talking about his new friend that he made in his class named Hunter.  He seems HAPPY & that's all that matters to mom.  The first day of school when I got him in the car line, the first thing he said was "Mom, I sure wish we could take naps in 1st grade.... It's ALOT of work!"  Avery got to meet her teachers, Mrs. Holmes & Mrs. Curry, this week at Providence.  Our hope is that this prepares Avery Claire for Kindergarten next year.  Daniel also celebrated his 35th birthday this week!  Man...  birthdays sure do get downgraded the older we get.  Ha!  We had a great dinner from Superior & Buttercups cupcakes so he was happy.  We are both pretty easy to please.  I also posted a picture of our marketing team that I am apart of.  I LOVE these people!!!  We have a great little support system with each other, not only professionally but personally as well.  One of our team members is leaving us after being with Thompson for 9 years, because she is getting married to her dream man & moving to Hawaii.  Can't blame her!  Most of my best friends & family know that I would KILL to be a stay at home mom, but since I can't....  I am so thankful to work with this group of people!!!

1st day of 1st Grade at Legacy!

Meet the Teacher Day at Providence Classical Academy

Happy Birthday Daddy

Our Thompson Home Health Marketing Gang